House Boat Booking

Our boats in Lake Kariba range from double to triple deck pontoon style of houseboat beautiful, spacious and comfortable, fully air conditioned specially designed for the Corporate and Executive client and those who seek the ultimate experience in upmarket houseboat holidays.

Guest Entertainment

Our aim is to ensure that our clients enjoy their tours and their stay in countries of their choice. Our traditional dance groups and musicians in the traditional category are ever ready to exhibit the richness of African different cultures. Porters and poetry talent is also exhibited to give a comprehensive insight into Africa’s beautiful culture and heritage.

Flight Booking

Malachite Travel and Tours facilitates clients to complete their flight bookings regionally. The corporation enjoy business association with various airlines in the country and across the region.

Educational Tours

Malachite Travel and Tours offers special packages to students on the educational tours. This covers the students who travel as individuals or as a group from primary, secondary and tertiary categories. Our tour guides are readily available to take you to all your areas of interests in our tourist destinations. You are assured of successful educational tours. Students from local, regional and international institutions are all given preferential treatment.