(Harare – Nyanga – Mutare – Masvingo – Bulawayo – Hwange – Victoria Falls)

 12 Nights 13 Days

Zimbabwe is blessed by having all its places of interest within less than a few hours from each other meaning that you have more time to explore and enjoy each location. This adventure starts in the bustling metropolis of Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital where you take a trip down memory lane as your guide leads you on a city and township tour of Old Harare. Harare, known for having one of the ideal climates in Africa hence the name SUNSHINE CITY with a professional guide seeing the historical infrastructure, museums, and monuments.

 Nyanga in the Eastern Highlands boasts of the country’s highest peak and some commanding views interspaced by streams of natural spring water which are teeming with Trout. Mutare lies on the old trade route that runs to Mozambique in the east. Visit the local museum and walk the clean streets on a cultural experience. Great Zimbabwe Ruins take you to a Bye gone era of Powerful Kings and Arab traders. Matopos is home to some of the best-preserved San Bushman Paintings and the Final resting Place of the Controversial Visionary, Cecil John Rhodes. Take in the endless plains and Miombos woodlands of Hwange National Park where the “Big Five” and the largest population of elephants is found in AFRICA await. Stand at the edge of the chasm as you watch the world’s largest single curtain of falling water Cascade into the Batoka gorge at Victoria Falls, “THE SMOKE THAT THUNDERS”. #REDISCOVERZIMBABWE


Hwange – Matusadonha – Manapools

8 nights 9 Days

The wilderness is a huge area of pristine wilderness, with only one road for vehicle support, you will certainly feel you are in the Africa of the old. Your professional guide will safely lead you through the diverse beauty of different biomes, interpreting tracks and signs, sights and sounds of nature. Enjoy seeing big and small game animals, the BIG 5 from large herds of Elephants and buffalos in HWANGE and GONAREZHOU, to the rare rhinos and leopards and the king of the jungle the lion. The walking and driving trail may be combined to give a great 6night experience in a National Park. A good set of binoculars are essential to make the most of your safari.


Lover Zambezi

4 nights 5 Days

The Zambezi River is a life-giving artery to a vast wilderness area and, it is home to hippos and crocodiles in huge numbers. The river itself is fringed by spectacular straws of riverine vegetation as well as nutritious grasses, all of which attracts wildlife to its banks and give rise to excellent canoe-based game-viewing. Canoe safari is for the more budget-conscious who want to see Africa from the door of their tents and not from the lofty comfort of a luxury safari lodge. The self-participatory safari requires two guests per canoe, all camping gear, food, drinks, and luggage are all packed and carried in the canoes. An average distance of about 26km is covered daily.


Kanyemba – Lower Zambezi

3 Nights 4 Days

Enjoy the historical and mythical VADOMA heritage, visit with us to the Chewore Safari Area and areas near KANYEMBA.  Doma, people have a rare condition which sees some of them having two toes and no middle toes but just two larger outer toes, and ultimately has remained a marvel and mystery those who encounter them, thus the name“OSTRICH FOOTED PEOPLE” or “TWO FOOTED”.  Visit the Doma in the Chewore area and have  nice time exploring their rich culture and heritage, seeing their homes, hunter gatherer lifestyle as well as amazing ability to climb trees.



3 Nights 4 days

After briefing from the Ranger guide, traverse to the Gorilla sanctuary to start tracking these lovely creatures. It takes approximately 2 – 4 hours to find the gorillas based on where they are located and after you spend 1 hour observing and taking pictures. The time you spend observing these endangered species is worth a trip to any part of the world and can never be forgotten.  Clients are expected to have enough drinking water, good hiking shoes, rain jackets in case it rains, gloves if necessary, long sleeved clothes.



3 nights 4 Days

It is named in honor of the Maasai people, the ancestral inhabitants of the area, who migrated to the area from the Nile Basin. The Maasai Mara is the only protected area in Kenya with an indigenous black rhino population, unaffected by translocations, and due to its size, is able to support one of the largest populations in Africa.
Wildebeest are the dominant inhabitants of the Maasai Mara, and their numbers are estimated in the millions. Around July of each year, these animals migrate north from the Serengeti plains in search of fresh pasture and return to the south around October.



5 Nights 6 Days

Visit and view most historical sites in stone town of Zanzibar, including Zanzibar Museum, The House of Wonder, Palace MUSEUM, Old Arab fort, Zanzibar town Market, Tip tip House Old Dispensary, The Living stone House, Freddy Mercury Born House and much more. Experience Spice Island of Indian Ocean, another extra ordinary excursion to see, smell and test tropical fruits and various of spices like Cloves, roots gingers, Nut Meg, black papers, paper mint, white papers, Hot chills, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, lemon grass etc, Tropical fruits, like, jack. Enjoy on leisure a day at Nungwi Beach, ENJOY white sands beach and swimming pool an option activity of Safari Blue, Swim and Snorkel with Dolphins, Jozani Friendly Monkeys Forest fruits, bananas, malay apples, bananas, mango, green mango, mango stin.



6 Nights 7 Days

This unique adventure sets off from Victoria Falls where you have time to take part in adrenaline and sightseeing activities. A day is set to have a feel of Zambia Side. Chobe National Park has the best sunset game cruise in Southern Africa. Stop at the salt flats of Makgadigkadi enroute to the Okavango delta. Experience the water ways of the Okavango by mokoro (dugout canoe). Sit around your Island campfire at night and take in the sounds of the African bush. The grunts and snorts of hippos add bass to the symphony of insects and frogs. The Okavango is renowned for its Cat sightings so, you will also take a full day game drive. Awaken the explorer in you and join us on this epic experience.


Kariba & Mana Pools

6 Nights 7 Days

This is the perfect short getaway for those that are in Zimbabwe on business but would like to experience wild Africa. A short-scheduled flight takes you from Harare or Victoria Falls to Mana pools on Zimbabwe’s Northern boundary along the Zambezi River. Explore Mana’s floodplains on foot and or by Vehicle. Take a front row seat on the theatre that is the Zambezi River as you drift down the river at sunset. From Mana, a drive takes you to the water Wilderness that is Lake Kariba. Explore the Matusadona shoreline by boat, try your hand at catching the feisty tiger fish or just relax as you soak in the African sun and enjoy the vastness of the Lake from the deck of your houseboat.


Mapungubwe – Matopos – Great Zimbabwe – Harare

8 Nights 9 Days



(Livingston and South Luangwa)

9 Nights 10 Days

This Exclusive Fly-in Adventure is for the Safari connoisseurs. It takes you on an awe provoking adventure of Zambia’s finest Safari settings. From the world wonder that is The Victoria Falls, The lower Zambezi and Luangwa, you could not ask for a better setting for a high end safari. The camps are all situated in unique surrounds that that allow free movement of game into and past the camps.



6 nights 7 Days

An exciting trip Visiting places that were once very Familiar and brings the memories of the Past. Houses, Factories, Farms, Social Clubs, Romantic Places, Battle fields, Companies, Mines, Transport; Roads, Airlines, National Parks, Museums and Monument